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Los Amigos De Art: Cuentos Del Mundo Para Explicar Las Artes

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This is how these stories of this great trip around the world of arts start. And it is really curious, because Art is a dog who, of course, can’t read or write. But he doesn’t need it because he can count. He can count up seven artistic disciplines or how Paihn Tin caught the lemurs by the tail to build the greatest mural art or when Muh Sik scared the bombers away with her badaboom-badaboom, boom, boom, boom. Art has great stories which take us to the arts basics, to explain everything with another colour. Art and the children never get bored because they know the secret of time: telling stories makes us growing up and free, because stories speak about friends we had or imagine or invented. Lolita Bosch always writes from another point of view: A dog who understands that every form of art is a different way of understanding the world that is why those stories are starring by girls and boys from around the world representing each one a different art. Literature Cinema Theatre Photography Opera Sculpture Painting Architecture Dance Music Poetry

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